If you’ve been blessed in this lifetime with a green thumb and a sunroom in your home, consider yourself incredibly lucky. People with the gift of gardening seem to know exactly how to create the perfect environment for their plants to grow, thrive, and be enjoyed—especially when serving as decorations in such a stunning setting as a sunroom construction.

For the rest of us, sunroom owners that struggle a bit with keeping our plants alive, much less thriving—decorating our beautiful sunrooms with live plants and flowers can be a bit of a challenge. Those of us that have suffered the loss of one, two, or a dozen plants before know very well that not all plants will thrive indoors—even inside the warm, friendly space of your gorgeous sunroom construction.

Knowing which plants and flowers to keep inside the walls of your sunroom and which will need to be planted elsewhere takes a bit of research for those of us that aren’t natural gardeners. At SE Wisconsin Sunrooms, we’re always ready to help our sunroom customers learn the ins and outs of indoor gardening. To help you learn more about decorating your space, our Wisconsin sunroom company has provided this guide to help you learn some of the easiest plants to grow and maintain inside your sunroom construction this season and throughout the year.


As we mentioned before, not all plants grow happily indoors—and certain types will flourish over others. Then again, many plants that are considered “indoor plants” thrive inside because they won’t require much sunlight to grow. Sunrooms, however, are usually filled with plenty of daytime light—which means that your plant choices shouldn’t be restricted to dark-loving, indoor plant options.

Then again, while it’s certainly possible to grow a wide variety of plants in a sunroom—from houseplants to shrubs and flowers, to even fruit trees—some types of plants that are much easier to grow than others. For example, some outdoor plants like citrus trees love the light and can thrive in a sunroom, but will need constant care and monitoring to make sure they’re kept away from icy winds and cold drafts, watered sufficiently (but not too much), and will enjoy placement by an open window to enjoy the gentle breeze on nice, sunny days.

Your best bet when choosing your sunroom plants is to go for “window plants”—or plants that love the sun, but that also thrive indoors. If you’re not an expert gardener, these types of plants will grow easily and happily in your sunroom without too much stress or hassle on your part.

6 Excellent Plant Options to Decorate Your All-Season Sunroom

While there are many plants that can be successfully grown in a sunroom, these are some of the best options for sunroom owners that don’t have the greenest of thumbs. These plants represent a long list of sunlight-loving, indoor-happy vegetation that will thrive under the most basic of care.

  • Cactus Plants: The cactus is a well-known desert plant—which means that they love the direct sunlight and can grow with very little water. This means that even the most careless or forgetful of sunroom owners has a chance helping plants grow in their homes—as long as the plants they choose are cactus (and therefore hard to kill).
  • Succulents: Another option for forgetful sunroom owners are succulents. Succulent plants, like cacti, require very little water and almost no maintenance.
  • Hibiscus: Hibiscus flowers are wonderful sunroom plants, as they thrive indoors and add beautiful color to decorate and liven up the entire room. Hibiscus plants love the sun and warm, humid temperatures—however, if it gets too hot and the flowers begin to look a bit wilted, you might want to think about moving them into the corners of the room (or wherever there’s shade) to cool down.
  • Umbrella Plants: Umbrella plants are easy to care for and maintain, and add a vibrant splash of green beauty to brighten up any sunroom space. These plants tolerate direct sunlight, though they do the best in bright and sunny spaces, away from the direct light of the sun.
  • Crotons: Croton plants are unique and beautiful—adding bright, vibrant fall-leaf style and color to any indoor space. These plants are amazing in that they match well with many décor styles and color palettes—which means that they can be used strategically to add that finishing touch that ties your sunroom space together.
  • Hanging Plants: Boston ferns and spider plants are some excellent options for adding a touch of elegance and greenery in your sunroom. These plants enjoy a constant, temperate climate and slight humidity as well. For best results, you might think about misting them lightly with a spray bottle every morning to help them thrive in their new sunroom environment.


There’s no doubt that sunrooms are stunningly beautiful architectural additions that can add significant value to any home construction. If you’re hoping to update your deteriorating sunroom or to install a brand-new one on your property, our sunroom contractors in Wisconsin at S.E. Wisconsin Sunrooms can help you with superior-quality sunroom constructions, renovations, and maintenance services.

For more information about adding a sunroom to your property (or updating your current one), give us a call to speak with our team of top-rated sunroom contractors in Wisconsin today. If you prefer, you can also get started now with a free, in-home consultation and pricing estimate today.